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The Wildlife Society at Texas Tech, formerly known as the Range, Wildlife, and Fisheries club, was established in 1978 to promote professional relationships, career opportunities, and to aid Texas Tech students the opportunity to succeed in the wildlife field. In 2015, we revitalized our program and now have more than 50 active members, with an average of 65 students that attend bi-monthly meetings. Our society’s success is defined by the achievements of alumni after graduation, and by professional engagement of current students. Members who participate in TTU-TWS events understand the importance of hard work, dedication, hands-on experience, and most importantly, professionalism and a sense of community.

Through our organization, we coordinate and provide volunteer opportunities such as mule deer and white-tailed deer captures, lesser prairie-chicken and purple martin captures, among other hands-on opportunities. Our chapter also attends the annual Texas Chapter of The Wildlife Society meeting, and members are trained beforehand in how to dress appropriately, introduce themselves to professionals, and how to use professional skills in the future. We understand employers want young professionals with oral and written communication skills, who can work in a team setting and see each task as an opportunity, so we stress these soft-skills to our members as added value to their Natural Resource Management degree. Beyond professional training, we stress and emphasize the development of personal and professional friendships among our members. The relationships that develop through our society will continue to have a lasting impact on their lives and our discipline.

Please consider donating to our chapter. Donations facilitate our travel to TCTWS annual meetings, animal captures, and camping trips. We appreciate your support of our chapter!

Photo Galleries

You can view a curated collection of images from our chapter below. To keep up with current events and photos from our organization, please find us on social media. The Wildlife Society at Texas Tech maintains pages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.


TTUTWS chapter meetings often offer insight from professionals in the fields of wildlife and conservation.

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Photos from white-tailed and mule deer captures, lesser-prairie chicken captures, bird banding, and more.

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A gallery of images from camping and hiking trips orgainzed by TTUTWS.

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A collection of photos of our members from awards ceremonies, recruiting efforts, and annual events.